By “world” I obviously mean the four people who’ll read this blog: my Granny, Cara and Solveig, and maybe one random from out there in the interwebs. The first three I might as well text, so to the one random: hello to you!

I’m Linley. I’m a personal trainer, outdoorsy tour guidy-person, sometime yoga teacher, sometime MMA trainer. Basically, I’m the annoying person telling you to get off your cosy sofa and run around and get all sweaty and out of breath. Which is actually really hypocritical of me, because I am a great fan of cosy sofas. I’m even more of a fan of them if there’s a proximity to chocolate and a brilliant binge-worthy Netflix series… and even more of a fan if I’m pleasantly knackered from running around getting all sweaty and out of breath.

Because I think that it’s all about balance. One thing I’ve noticed with loads of my clients, is that there’s a perception that to work out you need to be an annoying fit person who looks down their nose at anyone who occasionally wolfs down a pack of crisps for their tea. But I think you can work out because it makes you feel great, AND occasionally wolf down a pack of crisps for your tea

(I do. Other inappropriate things I’ve had for my dinner in just the past few weeks: toast, cornflakes, a flapjack. Two of those were together, I’m not saying which two.)

So when it comes to nutrition, I say try to eat more broccoli than cake as a general rule… and that’s basically it. Obviously, when I’m doing diet plans for my clients, I get a wee bit more detailed than that (I suspect no one would be thrilled to get a note with that one sentence on it and an invoice), but my point is, I’m all about balance. A little of what you fancy.  Same with exercise: climb a mountain, THEN veg with Netflix. Simples.

The other thing I’m really into is finding out what sort of exercise is right for you. I find a lot of people tend to pick up the latest trend – whether it’s Crossfit or ariel yoga or tap dancing – and if it doesn’t suit them, they think that working out doesn’t suit them. But maybe that sort of working out doesn’t suit them. Or maybe it just doesn’t suit them that day. I don’t believe in a one size fits all mentality, so one of the first things I do with a new client, is try to figure out what sort of movement suits them and their body. Sometimes it’s a bit of running and a bit of yoga. Sometimes it’s Crossfit, but outside. Sometimes it’s swimming on some days, and doing funny dances on others. Which is the other thing: it can change from day to day.

I don’t stick to a rigid program myself (unless I’m in training for a specific event). I wake up each morning and figure out what my body needs that day, whether it’s a yoga class, a MMA bootcamp, or a long run along the Clyde.

I live in Glasgow, by the way. Always have, always will. I live with my boyfriend Craig – he asked me to come up with some cool moniker for him for this blog, but… well,  I couldn’t think of one that didn’t sound wanky. So he’s Craig. Maybe C. No, that sounds wanky. Craig.

So that’s me. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to blog about, but it seems to be the done thing these days so I thought I’d give it a go!