Argh that was the quickest five weeks ever!! Where did the time go?

Well if we knew that… 😜

First and foremost, thank you. Thank so very much all of you who’ve been reading and liking and commenting and sharing. I won’t tell you how much of my last few weeks have been taken up by refreshing the Stats page then wandering around grinning like a loon!

I’m so beyond chuffed that Linley and her story has been piquing your interest because frankly I’m a bit obsessed with her! And Granny, and Nate and Solveig and Cara and Roddy and… ooh shall I tell you the Viking’s name?

Did I just tell you he’s important enough to have a name… ?

And all the rest. Seriously, I can barely get out of bed for drowning in notebooks filled with Linley ideas. If you want to read them, I’ll write them!

Actually, I’ll probably write them either way 😉

Some of you already know about the Pilot Project (link there to my own blog where I chat about it a bit more!). Basically, the idea was to run short ‘pilot seasons’ of a few different projects, and decide from there where to go next with them. So my first question is:

Would you like to read more Linley?

And if so, would you like her to come back as a daily blog like this, or a weekly series (perhaps with e-book downloadable chapters) or a full book (the first of many!) Would you in theory be willing to toss the cost of an e-book (a couple of pounds, probably) towards a future series? Or maybe, as many podcasts are doing, the main series would always be free but there could be extra content for subscribed members?

Now that there’s a whole binge-able season posted (and it’s going to stay up right here for some time to come) I’ve got a mad little plan to scout around and see if there are any more potential readers out there…

I’m not going to set up a blog tour… but a treasure hunt!

I happen to have some letters in my possession. Some letters that a certain Nate wrote to a certain Elsie during the months (err, and the rest, as it turns out 😉 ) they were apart. Letters that contain a little extra insight into the central mystery of the series… but no major spoilers, I promise!

What if I was to give one each of these letters to any bloggers/Tweeters who were interested to take part to post (along with a guest post, interview or review – or mysteriously without context) plus a clue that would lead interested readers onto the next blog or Twitter account for the following letter… and so on, until finally back here?

It might be a bit bonkers, it might fall totally flat on its face… but it might be fun to try?

Don’t feel any pressure to get involved if it’s not your cup of tea, but any shares, Tweets or stopping passersby to tell them about this mad blog you’ve come across, would be greatly appreciated!

The next season of Linley (be it a blog or a book… or something else altogether that I might just have up my sleeve) will be along in a few months, but in the meantime…

Meet Fergus

That’s a really boring link to give you, ’cause he won’t be blogging until  the week after next (from Monday 10 October) on account of his, err, typist, having a movie script to finish next week! Fergus is a Scottish stay at home dad (I hope the Swedes amongst you will appreciate ‘Cup of Tea Pappa’ 😂) who has just moved to Sweden with his wife Tess and little boy Alfie – he’s just getting to grips with this new country and new role, when Alfie mysteriously starts speaking Swedish.

It’s a supernatural Scandi-noir, a genre I chat a little more about here

Some of you of course already know Fergus and Alfie and Tess (and Alex and Paisley and Liv…) but I promise there are a few surprises for you too…

Ooh! Also I’ve just set up a Facebook Street Team group, if you fancy being first in the know about what’s coming next (and get sneak peeks on the next Linley chapter, for example…) pop along and join!

So that’s all from me… for now!